CIP Software for a Paperless Environment

Wrap Portal The CIP Revolution is here!

The Wrap Portal is a complete RMIS (Risk Management Information System) for OCIP/CCIP Administration that allows administrators to focus on results instead of data entry and processing paperwork. This revolutionary system gives key stakeholders the ability to directly interact with vital portions of the program, allowing them to make necessary decisions. The integrated communications and automation features make it a breeze to alert stakeholders about problems and concerns.

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Cloud Based RMIS

Always available 24/7 365, easy to maintain, have a backup to your backup, no need for an IT guy or server.

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Mobile Access

Access Wrap Portal on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. It works across any platform.

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CRM/Portal Capabilities

Open up lines of communication and collaborate between stakeholders inside and outside of your company.

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Reliable, Safe, Secure

Bank grade security. Protect your data, protect your business.

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Only print the paper you want to have. Wrap Portal helps you become Enviromentally Friendly.

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Scalable & Intuitive

Wrap Portal grows and exands with your business, but stays easy to use.

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"A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until they see it."

Steve Jobs      


Worksite safety has come a long way, and so has CIP
Administration with the Wrap Portal

About Us

We are the premier industry leader in providing the best Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) globally.

Wrap Portal is a product of NourTek

NourTek Solutions is a privately held company incorporated in 2005 with its corporate offices located in Irving, Texas. We specialize in providing insurance software products for mid to enterpise level risk management firms globally.

  • Over 30 years of experience in the fields of Technology, Project Management & Risk Management
  • Partnerships with ACORD, Microsoft, Project Management Institute
  • Over $50 Billion of projects under Wrap Portal Management
  • A Quality & Excellence commitment through Best Practices from The American Society of Quality
  • We customize a solution that meets Your needs. Not the other way around
  • Mission
    Deliver the best Risk Management Information Systems by providing the highest quality, customized, integrated, flexible and scalable solutions, and superior customer service.

    Core Values
    The commitment to innovation, quality and excellence, with highest integrity, passion, determination, being humble and stewartship.
    Our philosophy is to provide the most innovative software solutions with the highest quality. We are always seeking, and asking ourselves how can we move forward and improve. We adhere to CANI (Constant And Never-Ending Improvement). We believe it pays to invest in our client’s improved performance. It’s our belief that being a software provider goes well beyond just developing and making a software product available to the customers. The value of the software is only as good as how it is used, and there are far too many products developed in the marketplace offering a broad range of features that are never used by its customers. In order to take advantage of the total value a software brings to our customers, we employ best practices customized toward the individual client. That includes learning the current environment and collaborating to establish the best approach to make the software successful in what it offers. We believe every company has a 'secret-sauce' that makes them successful, and we do not intend to have our customers adapt completely to our software. Our approach is to find the best combination of customer defined and system recommended best practices to accomplish the most efficient workflow that brings the best value and enhances the bottom line.

    We think the best solutions are ones that do not require a thick user’s manual to learn how to use. When was the last time you referenced a user’s manual to use your iPhone? We focus on building software solutions that are very intuitive, flexible and adaptable in any environment.

    Thinking beyond the task that lays ahead. Thinking outside the box and challenging why something is done the way it’s always been done, if it’s not efficient. If needed, pioneering ways that make workflows more efficient.

    As a strategy to accomplish our beliefs, standards and goals, we put to use a collection of expertise that span across numerous disciplines including but not limited to Project Management, Risk Management and Information Technology.
    Sales: 877-NOURTEK
    100 Decker Court
    Suite 191
    Irving, TX 75062

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    Technical Specifications

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    SAAS Application

    What is SAAS?
    SAAS stands for Software-As-A-Service. It is a business model for providing software applications. In the traditional business model, software is purchased and stored on your local machine or a server and you are responsible for security, accessability, updates, and upgrades at a higher price point. With SAAS, you pay a usage fee for an application that is provided via the internet.

    • Wrap Portal is a completely web based application.
    • Your subscription is offered on a low monthly fee.
    • You upgrades are free as the software continues to grow.
    • No need for tech guys, servers, security, backups, and other techy things you don't want to deal with, we do all that for you.
    • If corporate says you must have backups on your own servers, no problem, we got you covered.
    • Information is not stored on your computer; no more memory or storage problems.
    • 24/7/365 server monitoring ensures around the clock application availability no matter the circumstance.
    • Access that Wrap Portal anywhere you can find an internet connection.
    • If you must limit access to specific users in specific locations, no problem.
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    On the Cloud

    What is Cloud Computing?
    Chances are you have heard the phrase “It’s in the cloud” used in advertising of late and wondered to yourself, “What is the cloud?” Cloud computing is a new trend in technology where data and programs are stored in central servers easily accessible (usually through the internet) to users. This is not a new concept, if you have a web based email address you have used versions of cloud computing. We have just extended this to Wrap Administration.

    How can Cloud Computing help my business?
    There are many advantages to Cloud Computing for businesses of all sizes. The most important is reduced cost. With Cloud Computing, you are required to purchase less hardware and your software can be rented on a plan based on your usage. This means lower start up costs and lower costs on maintaining equipment. In addition, you save on the space and manpower required to maintain your own servers and networks. Another benefit is accessibility, with the cloud you can access your applications and data from home, at the airport, or any where you need to go.

    Is my data safe on the Cloud?
    In many cases, your data is safer in the Cloud than in your own server room. We are in the business of protecting information from system failure, hacking attempts, and natural disasters. Our partners for cloud computing provide redundancy services that frequently (several times a day) back up your data to ensure that any failure in equipment does not interfere with your business. In addition they provide top of the line security features to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

    • No relying on one server or one machine to hold your data. Its online and always available.
    • Data is stored with top of the line cyber security and biometric physical security.
    • Realtime updates where ever you are.
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    What is ASP.NET
    The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s own application development platform that enables developers to easily create Windows applications, web applications, and web services using a myriad of different programming languages, and without having to worry about low-level details like memory management, processor-specific instructions, security, etc. What this means is we can do rapid development focusing on solutions rather than worring about technical considerations. The code is compiled into machine level langauge so the system is able to run faster and stable.

    • Facilitates Rapid Development.
    • Comes with built-in security protocols.
    • Large libraries of tools and plug-ins to develop cutting edge features.
    • Enables forms to transmit information directly to databases.
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    Microsoft Technology

    Why Microsoft?
    We have seen an outburst of computer and mobile platforms in the recent days with the resurgence of Apple and emergence of Android. We get it, we understand each of these platforms have their place in the marketplace. But for business, use we are all still dependent on Microsoft technology for use of Microsoft Word, Excel and such, regardless of the platform you prefer to use. Microsoft has specifically built these apps to now run on platforms like those of Apple, Android, etc.

    By using Microsoft technology for the Wrap Portal platform, we are able to leverage plug-ins and tools that help us customize files for apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. This can also include tools for uploading to the portal or document management system, specialized document editing tools, and much much more.

    What this means for you?
    You can still continue to use the platform of your preference and still benefit from what Wrap Portal is able to leverage with its direct access to Microsoft development libraries for creating documents for apps like Word, Excel, etc.

    • Exchange and Office Plug-in development compatibility.
    • Reliable technical support from the industry leader in technology development.
    • You upgrades are free as the software continues to grow.
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    Security and Encryption

    Your Data Safe and Secure
    One of the major concerns about implementing cloud solutions such as SaaS based software is whether or not your information is secure. The reality of business is that you handle a lot of very confidential information. It is this information that allows you to do business and develop your products and services based on your clientele’s unique needs. So needless to say your secure information falling into the wrong hands could be disastrous for your customers and for your business. Because of this information security is Nourtek’s number one priority. Losing your data to cyber criminals, isn’t the only threat though, natural disaster and technical difficulties can also lead to massive data loss, costing you big. We protect your security by:

    • Offering only bank grade security applications that protect your data in transit and on our servers.
    • Partnering only with industry leading professionals to ensure that our contractors are as dedicated to security as we are.
    • Only using servers in facilities with top of the line physical and electronic security features, including biometric ID scanners.
    • Encrypting your data so that even if a hack occurs, your information is indecipherable.
    • Employing redundancy features, so that if a natural disaster occurs your data is backed up in separate location, so that we can get you back to work as soon as possible.
    • Utilizing service level agreements which serve minimize downtime any time your site crashes.
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    Cross Platform Compatibility

    What is Cross Platform Compatibility

    Cross Platforms Compatibility refers to the ability of an application to function regardless of the hardware or software you try to use them on. With hardware, in starts with desktops, tablets, smartphones and it includes the screen sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios, and orientations. With software, it refers to the operating system from Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, designed specifically for their matching hardware devices, to protential browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Finally, every manufacturer has their own version of platforms, for example HP, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, etc. It is safe to say that its a jungle out there.

    The multitude of existing platforms, this only continues to expand. In today's system climate, it is a must for an application to be cross platform compatible. Sadly, majority of the system in the market are not conform to these standards.

    Wrap Portal is designed to be completely Cross Platform Compatible. Wrap Portal fully capitilizes on resources available through HTML5 and Responsive design to function flawlessly on any platform. Wrap Portal adapts to varying operating systems, screen sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios and orientations while still delivering a rich and contextual user experiences. Wrap Portal is also able to utilize device resources including camera or GPS.

    • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 | Mac OS | Linux
    • Windows Mobile | iOS | Android
    • Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox | Google Chrome | Safari | Opera
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    Mobile Accessibility

    Manage Your CIP Where Ever You Are

    According to a recent study by Google, smartphone penetration in the United States has reached 44%. That means that roughly 44% of Americans have a smartphone. While the Google study did not include tablets, Tech Crunch recently reported a 47% penetration rate on tablets. With nearly half of all Americans on mobile devices, no busness can afford to be stuck on computer based application.

    One of the unique challenges of the Construction industry is that participants in projects are in multiple locations. Often, those locations can be difficult to connect to via traditional communication means. However, with the advent of the smart phone this gap is beginning to close. As a result, you need a solution that you can access with your smart phone, and that will allow you to complete necessary forms there as well.

    The Wrap Portal interface is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This means that contractors, owners, and other stakeholders have access to the information any where they can take their cell phones. This allows immediate access to important information, and provides a means for stakeholders to input data without having to take the time to get to a computer terminal. Wrap Portal is designed to be completely Cross Platform Compatible. Wrap Portal fully capitilizes on resources available through HTML5 and Responsive design to function flawlessly on any platform. Wrap Portal adapts to varying operating systems, screen sizes, resolutions, aspect ratios and orientations while still delivering a rich and contextual user experiences. Wrap Portal is also able to utilize device resources including camera or GPS.

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    Every business has its own unique needs; this is especially true for large organizations. As your business grows and you fight your way to the top of the field your information management needs also increase. What good is having a great software system when the infrastructure it’s sitting on is not enterprise level?

    Wrap Portal has managed over $50 billion worth of CIP projects and been operational for over 10 years. Regardless of the size of the project or the business, Wrap Portal is built to be adaptable and scalable based on the needs of the customer. We have an intimate understanding of the unique challenges that face large enterprises from data management to information security and the skills and expertise to craft software that will continue to grow with you and change the way you do business. To do this we build all of our solutions on enterprise level infrastructure, with bank grade security features.

    This commitment to quality and scalability means that Wrap Portal can capable whether you are just starting out or you are an established business with a worldwide clientele. We serve our growing and enterprise sized customers by providing:

    • Designing information infrastructures to expand as their information needs grow.
    • Bank grade security features including 256 bit encryption for data as it is being transmitted and on the servers.
    • Biometric security for the physical location of the servers.
    • Information back up and redundancy procedures to prevent data loss in the event of a natural disaster.
    • Customer Support to quickly and easily troubleshoot any problems you are experiencing.
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